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Q: MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) When an airline goes after a "share of travel" from its customers, it is attempting to
increase ________. 1) _______ A) customer ownership B) customer lifetime value C) customer satisfaction D) total customer spending E) share of customer 2) Ben & Jerry's challenges all stakeholders, including employees, top management, and even ice cream scoopers in their stores, to consider individual and community welfare in their day-to-day decisions. Actions such as this by companies seizing the opportunity to do well by doing good reflects ________. 2) _______ A) profit marketing B) social responsibility C) environmentalism D) myopia E) partnership management 3) Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines used the marketing concept in his successful organization. Having a customer department rather than a marketing department, as suggested by Kelleher, is an example of a(n) ________ perspective. 3) _______ A) modern B) outside-in C) external D) inside-out E) traditional 4) Which steps of the five-step marketing process are about understanding customers, creating customer value, and building strong customer relationships? 4) _______ A) the last three only B) the first three only C) the first two only D) the first four only E) the last four only 5) Cathy's Clothes is a small retail chain successfully selling women's clothing and accessories with a profitable focus on buyers who have relatively modest means. This is an example of ________. 5) _______ A) value packing B) convenience C) target marketing D) social marketing E) market segmentation 6) Which of the following reflects the marketing concept? 6) _______ A) "Customers need to be told where they want to go." B) "The supplier is king." C) "This is what I make; won't you please buy it?" D) "Marketing should be viewed as hunting and not gardening." E) "This is what I want; won't you please make it?" 7) The societal marketing concept seeks to establish a balance between consumer short-run wants and consumer ________. 7) _______ A) long-run welfare B) short-run costs and profits C) immediate health D) value propositions E) short-run ethics 8) Of the following, which is the most important concept of modern marketing? 8) _______ A) low prices B) properly trained salespeople C) societal marketing D) consumer-generated marketing E) customer relationship management 9) Henry Ford's philosophy was to perfect the Model-T so that its cost could be reduced further for increased consumer affordability. This reflects the ________ concept. 9) _______ A) marketing B) product C) production D) selling E) societal marketing 10) ________ is defined as a social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through value creation and exchange. 10) ______ A) Negotiating B) Advertising C) Selling D) Marketing E) Bartering 11) Which of the following involves adapting a firm to take advantage of opportunities in its constantly changing environment? 11) ______ A) short-range planning B) annual planning C) media planning D) strategic planning E) long-range planning 12) Ensuring that the company achieves the sales, profits, and other goals set out in its annual marketing plan is the purpose of ________. 12) ______ A) marketing control B) operating control C) a marketing audit D) strategic control E) ROMI 13) Unlike strategic-planning efforts of the past, which were conducted primarily by senior managers, today's strategic planning is ________. 13) ______ A) limitation-free B) short-term oriented C) centralized D) product oriented E) decentralized 14) As Starbucks continues to grow, it is faced with myriad challenges and surprises during the implementation of marketing plans. Hence, the marketing department must practice constant ________. 14) ______ A) customer management B) environmental scanning C) performance analysis D) marketing control E) corrective action Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions. Fun-Spot Fun Park began as a small amusement park in 1985. With nothing more than a merry-go-round, a slide, pony rides, and an ice cream stand, Fun-Spot grew into a popular family attraction with 20 rides, a restaurant, and an outdoor performing arts theater. "My wife, Gail, and I didn't know what we were getting into," commented Ron Hart, the owner. "We just knew that weekenders coming to the lakes in our rural area represented an untapped market." Today, thousands of visitors flock to Fun-Spot: families, children of all ages, and even senior citizens who enjoy strolling through the gardens and arbor. "There's something here for everyone," Gail Hart said with a smile. "Dozens of companies hold annual company picnics here. We have welcomed class field trips. And we even had one wedding here at the park!" "Here's the funny thing," Ron chimed in. "We really don't know why we've been so successful! There is nothing else like Fun-Spot Fun Park in the area. We were just lucky." "I think it's the ambience of the park that has brought so many visitors," Gail added. We provide a ‘total package' of entertainment. Plus, we try to change our rides and various attractions from time to time." Ron and Gail Hart admitted that making every visitor happy is a priority. "That has always been our philosophy," they said. "Like it says on the entrance to the park, 'We're here to make you happy!' And we've always been able to deliver on that because we've never allowed ourselves to grow too big too quickly." 15) Fun-Spot's mission is ________. 15) ______ A) product-oriented B) too focused on profits C) technology-oriented D) market-oriented E) too specific 16) In the Boston Consulting Group approach, ________ serves as a measure of company strength in the market. 16) ______ A) market diversification B) market segmentation C) market growth rate D) market development E) relative market share 17) Which of the following is the process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics, or behaviors? 17) ______ A) marketing strategy B) market segmentation C) market targeting D) differentiation E) positioning 18) Which department in a company carries the primary responsibility for achieving profitable growth? 18) ______ A) product development B) human resources C) operations D) accounting E) marketing 19) Modern marketing departments are arranged in the following ways, EXCEPT which one? 19) ______ A) product management organization B) market management organization C) geographic organization D) strategic management organization E) functional organization 20) In a tiered market, companies target which of the following? 20) ______ A) consumers at all levels of income distribution B) affluent consumers only C) the middle class only D) professionals only E) consumers of modest means only 21) Which of the following descriptions most accurately characterizes Millennials? 21) ______ A) They were once labeled "the MTV generation." B) They have reached their peak earning and spending years. C) They are less ethnically diverse than Gen Xers. D) They are children of baby boomers. E) They have graduated from college and are taking over positions of power in the business world. 22) Which type of market buys goods and services to produce public services or to transfer them to others who need them? 22) ______ A) reseller B) retail C) consumer D) government E) wholesale 23) Which of the following forces would marketers be MOST likely able to influence? 23) ______ A) media publics B) geographic population shifts C) core cultural values D) increasing ethnic diversity E) income distribution 24) Which of the following groups of expenses uses up the most household income? 24) ______ A) housing, taxes, transportation B) housing, insurance, taxes C) food, travel, savings D) food, housing, retirement planning E) food, housing, transportation 25) If baby boomers are predictors of where product and service demand will be, increased demands will most likely be evident in ________ in the upcoming years. 25) ______ A) beer and wine B) the automobile industry C) financial services D) the apparel industry E) university enrollment 26) In the 1950s, the American population began shifting from large cities to ________. 26) ______ A) rural areas B) foreign countries C) farming communities D) coastal towns E) suburbs 27) Even the most liberal advocates of free-market economies agree that the system works best with ________ regulation. 27) ______ A) maximum B) no C) intermittent D) private E) at least some 28) A good MIS balances the information users would ________ against what they really ________ and what is ________. 28) ______ A) need; like; feasible B) like; can afford; needed C) use; have to use; available D) need; can afford; useful E) like to have; need; feasible to offer 29) When managers use small convenience samples such as asking customers what they think or inviting a small group out to lunch to get reactions, they are using ________. 29) ______ A) observation B) marketing intelligence C) informal surveys D) direct marketing E) experiments 30) Observational research is best suited for gathering ________ information. 30) ______ A) descriptive B) causal C) exploratory D) interactive E) preferential 31) Tasoula Jeannopoulos has a limited budget for the market research she needs to conduct; however, the sample size for her research is quite large. Which of the following methods of contact would provide Tasoula with the most cost-effective way to reach a large sample of potential customers? 31) ______ A) personal interviews B) telephone surveys C) Internet surveys D) focus group interviews E) mail surveys 32) Which of the following is good advice about creating research questionnaires for Mark Hammel, research specialist at New Wave Data, to follow? 32) ______ A) Questions do not have to be arranged in any given order. B) Use care in the wording and ordering of questions. C) Ask difficult questions in the beginning to "weed out" uninterested respondents. D) Use impressive vocabulary to convey the importance of the questionnaire. E) Ask personal questions in the middle of the instrument. 33) Which step in the four-step marketing research process has been left out of the following list: defining the problems and research objectives, implementing the research plan, and interpreting and reporting the findings? 33) ______ A) choosing the research method B) developing the research budget C) comparing and contrasting primary and secondary data D) choosing the research agency E) developing the research plan 34) To combat marketing intelligence efforts by competitors, Unilever Corporation is now providing ________ to employees. 34) ______ A) privacy blocks B) protection C) a code of ethics D) competitive intelligence training E) less information 35) A person's attitudes fit into a pattern, and to change one attitude may require difficult adjustments in many others. Thus, a company should ________ try to fit its products into existing attitudes rather than attempt to change attitudes. 35) ______ A) not B) once in a while C) seldom D) usually E) never 36) In the model of buyer behavior, which of the following is NOT a major type of force or event in the buyer's environment? 36) ______ A) political B) cultural C) channel D) technological E) economic 37) Although more price-conscious than other segments, ________ consumers tend to be strongly motivated by quality and selection. Brands are important. They enjoy shopping and are more fashion conscious than other ethnic groups. 37) ______ A) African American B) mature C) baby boomer D) Asian E) Hispanic 38) It is most likely that each consumer segment attracted to The Attic Trunk would have which of the following in common with the other consumer segments? 38) ______ A) membership groups B) subculture C) AIO dimensions D) reference groups E) personality 39) All of the following make up a person's lifestyle EXCEPT ________. 39) ______ A) work B) dissonance-reducing buying behavior C) opinions D) interests E) AIO dimensions 40) The buyer decision process consists of five stages. Which of the following is NOT one of these stages? 40) ______ A) need recognition B) purchase decision C) information search D) postpurchase behavior E) variety-seeking buying behavior 41) Sage, Inc., provides food services to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes in the Midwest. Management at Sage is involved in the ________ market. 41) ______ A) global B) government C) not-for-profit D) local E) institutional 42) John Herr's company has standardized the size of its paper bags so that each bag can be used in five to seven different store departments. This approach to cost reduction likely took place in the ________ stage of the business buying process. 42) ______ A) supplier search B) product specification C) general need description D) proposal solicitation E) problem recognition 43) Business marketers often alert customers to potential problems and then show how their products provide solutions. These marketers are hoping to influence which stage of the business buying process? 43) ______ A) problem recognition B) alternative evaluations C) performance review D) order-routine specification E) general need description 44) There are many factors considered in government buying, but ________ is, above all, the most important. 44) ______ A) packaging B) product differentiation C) personal selling D) price E) advertising 45) Which business buying situation is the marketer's greatest opportunity and challenge? 45) ______ A) straight rebuy B) new task C) multiple rebuys D) modified rebuy E) system rebuy 46) The EPA has mandated that, in order to reduce local pollution, your printing plant switch from oil-based to water-based inks. This will require entirely new printing presses and a new printing plate technology. After carefully searching through numerous manufacturers' equipment descriptions and gathering opinions from all relevant parties related to the work, the printing plant's buying center will be ready to make this ________ purchase. 46) ______ A) modified rebuy B) straight rebuy C) new task D) situational analysis E) straight task 47) Developing a strong position within several segments creates more total sales than ________ marketing across all segments. 47) ______ A) individual B) undifferentiated C) niche D) target E) differentiated 48) When marketers at Procter & Gamble selected the Millennials, a demographic that includes college students, as an untapped group of potential customers for their Febreze line of products, they were executing which step in the process of designing a customer-driven marketing strategy? 48) ______ A) market segmenting B) mass marketing C) differentiation D) positioning E) targeting 49) Shampoo marketers rate buyers as light, medium, or heavy product users. This is ________ segmentation. 49) ______ A) user status B) usage rate C) psychographic D) occasions E) benefit 50) Which of the segmenting strategies carries higher-than-average risks in consumer markets? 50) ______ A) undifferentiated B) multiple-segment C) mass D) differentiated E) concentrated 51) To evaluate the different market segments your company serves, you would look at all of these factors EXCEPT which one? 51) ______ A) company resources B) segment growth C) company values D) segment structural attractiveness E) segment size 52) A key element in a company's relationship with consumers, a ________ represents consumers' perceptions and feelings about a product and its performance. 52) ______ A) product experience B) product attribute C) product line D) service E) brand 53) All of the following are methods for developing a differentiated service offer, delivery, or image EXCEPT ________. 53) ______ A) designing a superior delivery process B) offering innovative features C) increasing the quantity of service by giving up some quality D) having more reliable customer-contact people E) developing symbols and branding 54) The total financial value of a brand is estimated through the process of brand ________. 54) ______ A) valuation B) extensions C) differentiation D) equity E) positioning 55) Major brand marketers often spend huge amounts on advertising to create brand ________ and to build preference and loyalty. 55) ______ A) internal marketing B) extension C) preference D) awareness E) packaging 56) When Heinz introduced EZ Squirt packaging and new colors such as Blastin' Green and Awesome Orange to revitalize consumer buying, the company was ________. 56) ______ A) modifying the pricing strategy B) modifying the distribution C) modifying the market D) modifying the product E) dropping the product 57) Which of the following is NOT a potential reason for a new product to fail? 57) ______ A) ineffective advertising B) a poorly designed product C) an underestimated market size D) higher than anticipated costs of product development E) an incorrectly positioned product Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions. Most people laughed when Evelyn Ringler explained her product idea: a solar-powered vacuum cleaner. But the concept was practical and the technology used in the vacuum was the same as that used in many children's toys. After setting up a demonstration booth in a mall in a Chicago suburb, Evelyn felt more assured than ever that her idea would be a hit. Consumers seemed receptive and offered helpful pieces of advice, such as how much they would pay for the vacuum, what colors they would prefer, and why they would not buy the vacuum. The vacuum itself was dome-shaped, something like a small saucer, with a filter bag on top and sensory nodes along the edges. After being charged in the sunlight, the vacuum could run for 10 hours, covering a floor area of 600 square feet. As the apparatus lightly bumped into table legs, chairs, and so on, the sensory nodes allowed the vacuum to move around the objects in various directions. This is the same type of technology used in the manufacture of children's race cars and walking dolls. Evelyn knew that the solar-powered vacuum would be especially helpful to both elderly consumers, who may have a more difficult time with vacuuming, and on-the-go consumers who lead busy lives. The price would be above average but would likely reduce after Evelyn recouped some of her costs. After a 500-unit production run and a substantial financial investment, Evelyn Ringler set up a multiple-city test market, in a Chicago mall and in an appliance store in New Jersey. "It's such a novel idea," Evelyn added. "People will notice it, even if they don't buy it right away." 58) When Evelyn set up a demonstration booth to learn about consumers' feelings toward her vacuum cleaner, she was doing which of the following? 58) ______ A) test marketing B) marketing strategy development C) concept testing D) idea screening E) product development 59) In the ________ stage of new-product development, products undergo rigorous tests to make sure that they perform safely and effectively or that consumers will find value in them. 59) ______ A) product development B) idea generation C) business analysis D) concept development and testing E) marketing mix 60) In Vin del Mar, Chile, there are a dozen stores specializing in selling the same quality of seafood products on one street. An individual store dare not charge more than the going price without the risk of losing business to the other stores that are selling the fish at a common price. This is an example of what type of market? 60) ______ A) pure monopoly B) monopolistic competition C) pure competition D) socialist E) oligopolistic competition 61) Jimmy's Hardware, an independent local retailer, is losing business to Wal-Mart. This is most likely because he cannot match Wal-Mart's pricing strategy of ________. 61) ______ A) EDLP B) EFGF C) negotiated pricing D) skimming pricing E) fixed prices 62) Which of the following is an external factor that affects pricing decisions? 62) ______ A) the salaries of production management B) competition C) the salaries of finance management D) funds expensed to clean production equipment E) A, B, and C 63) Companies may set prices low for which of the following reasons EXCEPT ________. 63) ______ A) to create excitement for a product B) to match a competitor C) to prevent competition from entering the market D) to stabilize the market E) to prepare for an easy exit from a market 64) Members of the sales team at Dekko International visit only prospective customers who purchase a minimum of $50,000 of insulated wire per year. Dekko is using ________. 64) ______ A) demarketing B) a frequency marketing program C) selective relationship management D) a club marketing program E) a value proposition 65) When backed by buying power, wants become ________. 65) ______ A) demands B) self-esteem needs C) physical needs D) exchanges E) social needs 66) All of the following are accurate descriptions of modern marketing, EXCEPT which one? 66) ______ A) Selling and advertising are synonymous with marketing. B) Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships. C) Marketing is used by for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. D) Marketing is the creation of value for customers. E) Marketing involves satisfying customers' needs. 67) Which of the following is the first step in strategic planning? 67) ______ A) plan marketing strategies B) set objectives and goals C) define the company mission D) identify threats and weaknesses E) develop the business portfolio 68) The process of customer-driven marketing involves which of the following? 68) ______ A) product; price; promotion; adaptation B) marketing analysis; planning; implementation; feedback C) problem identification; information search; decision; implementation D) analysis; targeting; implementation; control E) market segmentation; target marketing; differentiation; positioning 69) Which of the following is the most common approach to marketing organization? 69) ______ A) functional B) geographic C) combination D) product management E) divisional Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions. Casey Brickly opened The Landing on the north shore of Witmer Lake in 1962. With a sandwich counter on one side and a bait shop and grocery on the other, The Landing was an immediate hit with weekend lake visitors and local residents alike. In the summer, boaters parked at the piers and bought all their lake needs?rods and reels, bait, fishing licenses, snacks, soft drinks?at The Landing. Even during the winter months, snowmobilers and ice fishermen were lured to The Landing for a snack and hot coffee or hot chocolate. As time passed, the business changed and grew tremendously. What was formerly a weekend tourist area gradually became a year-round residential area. Many of the houses, which were built as cottages in the 1950s and 1960s, were being remodeled into year-round homes. By the end of the 1970s, the days of small motor boats and 10 mile-per-hour speed limits were gone; skiing and fast speed boats became all the rage. And The Landing continued to attract flocks of patrons. In the 1980s, however, Casey started to realize that the grocery area in The Landing could not compete with larger local retailers. He eventually enlarged the sandwich counter, transforming the bait shop and grocery into a restaurant with a full menu typical of any diner. "Getting rid of the bait shop was hard to do," Casey admitted. "I still had a summer crowd that relied on us for their fishing needs, but we couldn't survive a whole year on four months of profit." As the 1990s approached, the atmosphere of Witmer Lake and the neighboring lakes became upscale. "I could see that people were spending more on their speed boats than what they had originally paid for their cottages!" Casey exclaimed. Many of the cottages were being inherited by children and grandchildren of the original owners. Once again, the scene started to change as many of the lake houses were used only as weekend lake homes. Unlike the previous generation, a vast number of the current owners could afford to live closer to their jobs while maintaining lake homes. "At this point, business wasn't growing," Casey said. As local competition continued to increase, Casey converted the diner atmosphere of The Landing into a bar with a lounge area. "The change might have been too drastic," Casey said, "but it was the only way we could maintain a strong, year-round business in spite of the population shifts and competitive forces." 70) Which of the following macroenvironmental forces has had the greatest effect on The Landing? 70) ______ A) the demographic environment B) the political environment C) the social responsibility environment D) the technological environment E) the sustainable environment 71) Over the past two decades, the U.S. population has shifted most heavily toward the ________ states. 71) ______ A) Midwestern B) Northern C) Sunbelt D) Northeastern E) Southeastern 72) Which of the following best explains why Gen Xers as a group may be more economically cautious than baby boomers? 72) ______ A) Gen Xers are not as materialistic as members of other generations. B) Gen Xers are more focused on saving for retirement than baby boomers are. C) Gen Xers watched much of their savings evaporate during the recession of the late 1980s. D) Gen Xers grew up during times of corporate downsizing and recession. E) Gen Xers tend to seek more guidance from the financial services industry. 73) Juanita Petino operates a dress shop in a suburban mall. Her research budget is very small, so she utilizes low-cost or no-cost methods to gather research data. One method that works very well for her is to change the themes in her local newspaper and radio advertising and watch the result. Juanita is using ________ to gather data for marketing decisions. 73) ______ A) experiments B) logic-directed research C) secondary sources D) guess work E) informal surveys 74) Because of the scarcity of good secondary data, international researchers often must collect their own primary data. An initial problem with this collection is developing good ________. 74) ______ A) samples B) research firms C) analytical models D) customer relationships with nationals E) relations with channel members 75) Cameron loves to know about and purchase the most up-to-date technological gadgets. Among his friends, he is almost always the first to own the newest electronic product. Often the products that Cameron buys become adopted by large groups of consumers, but occasionally Cameron will purchase a product that is adopted by only a small portion of the population. To which of the following adopter groups does Cameron belong? 75) ______ A) innovator B) early majority C) late majority D) early adopter E) laggards 76) Stephanie and Jamal attended a sales seminar. Both left the seminar with differing opinions about what was important to implement in their jobs. Both used the information in different ways, according to what each already believed was important. They have engaged in ________. 76) ______ A) selective distortion B) selective attention C) selective retention D) selective attitude E) perceptual defense 77) Which of the following is NOT included in the decision-making unit of a buying organization? 77) ______ A) individuals who use the product or service B) individuals who make the buying decision C) individuals who supply the product D) individuals who influence the buying decision E) individuals who control buying information 78) Which of the following can be especially useful for a company that needs to conduct secure and frequent communications and transactions with key suppliers? 78) ______ A) an intranet B) a reverse auction C) a trading exchange D) an extranet E) buying centers 79) Which of the following is the most logical reason for Procter & Gamble offering products that compete with one another on the same supermarket shelves? 79) ______ A) Procter & Gamble has little competition. B) Retailers request it. C) It creates healthy competition. D) Different people want a greater selection. E) Different people want different mixes of benefits from the products they buy. 80) Which difficult-to-sustain positioning strategy attempts to deliver the "best-of-both"? 80) ______ A) more-for-the-same B) less-for-much-less C) more-for-more D) same-for-less E) more-for-less 81) Berkowitz Piano Company can expand its product line in one of two common ways. Which of the following is one of those ways? 81) ______ A) social marketing B) line mixing C) line filling D) product mix E) internal marketing 82) ________ are less frequently purchased consumer products and services that customers compare carefully on suitability, quality, price, and style. Consumers spend much time and effort in gathering information and making comparisons about these products. 82) ______ A) Unsought products B) Industrial products C) Shopping products D) Convenience products E) Line extensions 83) The PLC concept can be applied by marketers as a useful framework for describing how ________. 83) ______ A) to develop marketing strategies B) concept testing is conducted C) product ideas are developed D) products and markets work E) to forecast product performance 84) Assume a manufacturer with fixed costs of $100,000, a variable cost of $10, and expected sales of 50,000 units wants to earn a 20-percent markup on sales. What is the manufacturer's markup price? 84) ______ A) $14 B) $15 C) $18.50 D) $18 E) none of the above 85) To avoid traffic gridlock in large metro areas, a community might use ________ to discourage travelers from driving during peak commuting hours. 85) ______ A) market segmentation B) the production concept C) target marketing D) marketing E) demarketing 86) The marketing control process entails the following steps in order: setting goals, ________, evaluating performance, and ________. 86) ______ A) taking corrective action; measuring performance B) evaluating goals; measuring performance C) taking corrective action; following up D) measuring performance; taking corrective action E) achieving goals; measuring performance 87) Which of the following is an accurate statement about the diversity of the American population? 87) ______ A) African Americans represent the largest non-white segment of the population. B) The Asian American percentage of the population is expected to remain steady in the next 50 years. C) In terms of ethnic diversity, the United States is about average in comparison to other countries with populations of a comparable size. D) More than 12 percent of people living in the United States were born in another country. E) American ethnic populations are expected to slowly increase in the next few decades. 88) Four common sources of internal data include the accounting department, operations, the sales force, and the ________. 88) ______ A) stockholders B) marketing department C) Web D) competition E) owners 89) A marketing research company asked members of a focus group to describe several motorcycle brands as animals. This is an example of ________. 89) ______ A) hierarchical needs analysis B) information search C) status influence D) buzz marketing E) interpretive consumer research 90) Worthington Farm raises chickens. For years, it has used wooden coops for hauling its poultry to market. The owner of the farm needs to buy some replacement coops and is considering buying plastic coops that are slightly more expensive than wooden ones but much easier to clean after use. This purchase of coops is an example of a ________. 90) ______ A) new task B) modified rebuy C) value analysis D) straight rebuy E) solution selling situation 91) Consumer and business marketers use many of the same variables to segment markets. Business marketers use all of the following EXCEPT ________. 91) ______ A) situational factors B) personal characteristics C) brand personalities D) purchasing approaches E) operating characteristics 92) Which of the following does NOT belong to the materials and parts group of industrial products? 92) ______ A) petroleum B) repair and maintenance items C) lumber D) natural products such as iron ore E) farm products such as wheat 93) The innovation management system approach yields two favorable outcomes: it helps create an innovation-oriented company culture, and it ________. 93) ______ A) guarantees successful products B) requires less budget support C) clearly assigns responsibility for the process D) yields a larger number of new-product ideas E) frees up senior management time 94) ________ is a company's power to escape price competition and to justify higher prices and margins. 94) ______ A) Variable cost B) Unit cost C) Fixed cost D) Target cost E) Pricing power 95) "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door" reflects the ________ concept. 95) ______ A) selling B) target marketing C) marketing D) product E) production 96) All of the following are examples of product-oriented mission statements, EXCEPT which one? 96) ______ A) "We sell lifestyle and self-expression; success and status; memories, hopes, and dreams." B) "We sell shoes." C) "We provide online services." D) "We run theme parks." E) "We rent hotel rooms." 97) Which of the following demographic trends is likely the most responsible for the increasing number of people who telecommute? 97) ______ A) the growing percentage of married couples who do not have children B) the move from rural to metropolitan areas C) the declining number of manufacturing workers D) the migration toward micropolitan and suburban areas E) the increasing number of nontraditional households 98) ________ is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing an organization. 98) ______ A) Competitive intelligence B) Causal research C) Marketing intelligence D) Marketing research E) The marketing information system 99) The term ________ refers to qualitative research designed to probe consumers' hidden, subconscious motivations. 99) ______ A) perception analysis B) opinion leader C) need recognition investigation D) depth research technique E) motivation research 100) In a typical organization, buying activity consists of two major parts: the buying ________ and the buying ________. 100) _____ A) time; reorder point B) economic order quantity; reorder point C) center; decision process D) deciders; influencers E) committee; time
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This year, after a lengthy, noisy debate, they decided to take ...
Weegy: This year, after a lengthy, noisy debate, they decided to take separate vacations. This is a Simple Sentence. ...
12/10/2017 4:51:34 AM| 4 Answers
What is the primary mission of the Department of Homeland ...
Weegy: The primary mission of the Department of Homeland Security is " ensuring that the United States and its citizens ...
12/12/2017 7:12:59 AM| 4 Answers
Which layer of Earth is responsible for creating Earth's magnetic ...
Weegy: Earth's "Outer Core" is responsible for creating Earth's magnetic field.
12/12/2017 8:25:18 AM| 4 Answers
Which one of the following types of sentences gives a command or ...
Weegy: Do your work! The sentence above is an example of an IMPERATIVE sentence. User: Which one of the following ...
12/8/2017 6:12:32 AM| 3 Answers
The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends doing ...
Weegy: I thing adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. [ Exercise ...
12/6/2017 9:19:04 AM| 2 Answers
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