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Q: what will happen if there is no friction in daily life
A: Friction plays an important role in our daily life. Sometimes it is a nuisance if, for example, you want to pull or push a heavy box across the floor. However, think what will happen if there were no friction. [ You will not be able to use the pen to write notes. The brakes in your car wouldn't work, etc. Friction is an extremely important force to meteorology. Not only does friction decrease
the wind speed, it also changes the direction of the wind. Two types of friction occur in the atmosphere. One is molecular friction (friction between individual air molecules (called viscosity)) and friction between two surfaces (i.e. friction between air and land). Since air molecules are free to move about, friction by viscosity is much less significant than friction between two surfaces. The frictional force causes the wind to slow down about 20% (i.e. a 20-knot surface wind will be slowed to 16 knots). It is at the earth's surface where the air interface comes in contact with the land / water interface. The air rubbing against the earth's surface causes friction. Friction is the force that allows your car to stop when you put on the brakes. If there was no friction, the car would just keep moving forward like it was on pure ice. Since the air is forced to slow down, the wind energy is transformed into heat or mechanical energy (primarily mechanical energy in meteorology). An example of friction creating heat energy is rubbing your hands together quickly. You will feel your hands begin to warm up as you quickly rub your hands together back and forth. An example of friction creating mechanical energy is the wind blowing down a billboard sign. When friction forces the wind to slow down, the energy used to slow down the wind is transformed into mechanical energy which (blows tree limbs around, creates ocean waves, blows leaves about, supplies a pressure on objects at the earth's surface). ]
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