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what are the demerits of multi purpose river valley projects?
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Multipurpose River Valley projects in India

1. Bhakhra Nangal Project = Punjab, Harayana, Rajasthan
- > Its a joint venture of Punjab, Harayana, Rajasthan.
- > Its is India's biggest multi-purpose river valley project so far completed at a cost of Rs.236 Cr.
- > It consists of a straight gravity dam, 518 mts long & 226 mts high across the Sutlej at Bhakhra.
- > The Bhakhra dam impounds 986.8 Cr cubic mts of water.
- > The canal system of the project is now irrigating 14.8 lakh hectares.
- > It generates 1204 MW electricity.

2. Chambal Project = Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan
- > The Chambal project being jointly executed by M.P & Rajasthan.
- > In the 1st stage, the Gandhi Sagar dam & its 115 MW power station & the Kota barrage were completed.
- > The Rana Pratap Sagar dam with a power house of 172 MW capacity was constructed in the 2nd stage.
- > The 3rd stage comprises the construction of the Jawahar Sagar dam & 99 MW power station.
- > With the completion of all the stages, the project will generate 386MW of power.

3.Damodar Valley Project = Jharkhand , West Bengal
- > This project conceived for the unified development of irrigation, flood control & power generation in W.B & Jharkhand.
- > The project is administered by the Damodar Valley Corporation established in 1948.
- > The irrigation potential of the project is about 5.51 lakh hectares & its installed power generation capacity is 1181MW.
- > It is designed on the lines of Tennesse Valley Authority in the USA.

4. Farakka Barrage = West Bengal
- > It consists of a barrage across the Ganaga at Farakka, another barrage at Jangipur across the Bhagirathi, a 39 km long feeder canal taking off from the right bank of teh Ganga, at Farakka & tailing into the Bhagirathi below the Jangipur Barrage .
- > road - *** - rail bridge over the Farakka barrage have already been completed.

The basic Aim of Farakka barrage is to preserve & mountain Calcutta port & to improve the navigatability of the Hooghly river.
- > Farakka is to use 40,000 cusecs of Waterout of water stored in the dam to flush the Calcutta port which is get silted up.

5. Indira Gandhi Canal
- > It is one of the biggest irrigation project in the world.
- > began in 1958 as Rajasthan Canal.
- > it will provide irrigation facility to N.W region of Rajasthan a part of Thar desert.
- > The project which the use water from the Pong dam consists of 215 km long Rajasthan feeder canal & 445 km long Rajasthan main canal lying entirely in Rajasthan.
- > The project will ultimately irrigate about 14.5 lakh hectares.

6. Hirakud Project = Orissa
- > the 4801.2 mts long main Hirakud dam in Orissa is on the river Mahanadi.
- > its world's longest dam.
- > The project migrates irrigation an area of 11.98 lakh hectares.
- > its present installed power generation capacity is 27.2MW.

7. Kakrapura project = Gujarat
- > it is on the river Tapti, 80km upstream of surat,
- > it is being built by Gujarat government
- > a 621 mts long & 14 mts high weir near Kakrapara in Surat district was completed in 1963.

8. Koyna project = Maharashtra
- > it is on the river Koyna & has been built by the Government of Maharashtra.
- > it comproses the construction of a 208 ft. high dam

9. Nagarjuna Sagar project = Andhra pradesh
- > it is undertaking of the government of A.P. for utilizing the water of the Krishna river.
- > it was inaugurated on AUg 4 1967.
- > it is suited near Nandikonda Village in Miryalguda Taluk of Nalagonda District.
- > it is of 1450 mts long & 92 mts high dam.
- > the project will ultimately irrigate about 8.95 lakh hectares.

10. Rihand project = U.P
- > This project comprises construction of a concrete gravity dam across the Rihand river in Mirzapur district U.P. & a power house at Pipri & neccessary transamission lines.

11. Thien Dam = Punjab
- > a 147 mts high dam built by the Punjab government at Thien Village acorss the Ravi 25 km. upstream of Madhopur head works.
- > it will irrigate 8 lakh hectares land & generate 600MW power renamed as Ranjit Sagar dam it was dedicated to the nation on March 4 2001 by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpaee.

12. Tungabhadra project = Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh
- > it is a joint undertaking by the government of A.P & Karnataka.
- > it comprises a 2441 mt long & 49.38 high dam the river Tungbhadra near Malipuram.

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